Garbadge bag Drawstring garbage bags 35L/15 pcs NV Plus
Bar Code: 4823058320403
Size: 50 x 55
Size of pack:
Name: Drawstring garbage bags 35L/15 pcs NV Plus
Marking: 0403 NVP
Brand: NOVAx
Group: Garbadge bag
A unique feature:
Short Description:
Ideal for use at home or in the office
Properties: simply closing the package by strong tightening in one swift motion. Remove the bag from the container by pulling the tightness on both sides of the package. Takeaway bag holding the tightening and throw in the trash.

Features / Advantages / Benefits:


  The special composition of raw materials LDPE provides resistance to punctures and tears.
   Direct the bottom of the package provides additional strength.