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Cleaning cloth

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Bar Code: 4823017401402
Quantity, pc: 2
Size: 20х18 sm
Quantity, psc/pack: 2
Quantity, pack/box: 36
Print Name: Cellulose sponge cloth 2 pcs
Marking: 1402 DI
Brand: DOMI
Group: Cleaning cloth
Short Description:

Extra-large (20h18sm) ECO absorbing cloth. Napkins to soak up water from various surfaces. Made from natural cellulose, which is more rigid and stable in comparison with foam. Absorb up to 50 ml of water at one time. Quickly washed out of the dirt, dry quickly and prevent the proliferation of germs and the spread of odors. The material can absorb napkins at one time to 40 ml of water. ECO - fully decompose under natural conditions after 6 months without polluting the environment.

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