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Disposable tableware

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Bar Code: 4823058322506
Size: 180 ml
Quantity, psc/pack: 20
Quantity, pack/box: 24
Print Name: Disposable Plastic Party Cold Cups, 180 ml, Mixed Colors 20 pcs
Marking: 2506 CDX
Brand: melochi zhizni
Group: Disposable tableware
Short Description:

The original texture and glass surface plate is an important structural element, and is what sets disposable tableware "Salute".

Disposable tableware "Salute" and the tablecloth made from safe materials and hygiene are in contact with food.

Glasses and plates are suitable for use at temperatures between + 5 ° C to + 70 ° C.

Crockery bright colors perfect for both holidays and using it every day.

Utensils and wrapping completely amenable to recycle do not pollute the environment.


Composition of PS-polystyrene.

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